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hey hey hey!

ya this has absolutely nothing to do with dane cook but that's ok.

i just realized that the two reallyr eally really really hot guys with long hair and like the exact same haircut both have awesomely cool beans names that both start with a C. Cash and the hot guy on lj's name on his info says Crash. wow that is some hot cheese right there.

hey dane cook's last name starts with a C! ya so this isn't totally not related kinda sorta not really

i just painted my nails and they are so cool i might just have to do a cool nails dance.

i don't have a cool nails dance! omg ! how could i ahve gone though my life without a cool nails dance?!?!?!

i'm just gonna have to make one up right now.

wow that was one awesome cool nails dance. i'll teach whoever wants to learn it.

but who wouldn't???
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